Wednesday, January 30, 2013

American Beverage Institute responds to Mayor Ed Lee's statements of limiting alcohol sales during Super Bowl

A group that promotes the responsible consumption of alcohol is asking San Francisco not to demonize hard liquor by tying it to rowdiness after sporting events.

Last week, Mayor Ed Lee said that although San Francisco will not ban liquor sales, he is encouraging bars to limit sales or serve it in a responsible manner. The American Beverage Institute responded Monday in a statement that asked The City “to avoid demonizing a perfectly legal product.”

“Attempts to ban or restrict the sale of certain types of alcohol during a sporting event like the Super Bowl is unnecessary and will discourage fans from watching the game at their favorite restaurants,” managing director Sarah Longwell said in a statement.

Lee spokeswoman Christine Falvey said the mayor’s initial comments were pointing out that he hopes fans will celebrate responsibly and that the statements made by the American Beverage Institute reflect the spirit of Lee’s comments.

The statement by Lee is part of a larger planning process by The City to prepare for possible violent incidents after the Super Bowl on Sunday, in which the 49ers are taking on the Baltimore Ravens in New Orleans.

Police are planning to add some 400 officers to the streets, Chief Greg Suhr said last week. The mayor said The City will be focusing its resources on areas that previously have seen destruction and violence after other sporting events.

When the 49ers won the NFC Championship, police arrested 12 people in the Mission district for incidents that included driving under the influence, assault with a deadly weapon and public intoxication.

Celebrations also erupted across San Francisco in 2010 and 2012 after the Giants won the World Series. Last year’s rowdy revelries included torching a Muni bus in the downtown area.

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